Binding us, non-victim, to the disaster area.
Recognizing this earthquake as our issue.



We, far from disaster area, only recognize that situation through newspapers and TV programs.
And we find out there is some bias of those media.
We should go to the disaster area actually and talk with victims in effort to "FEEL" directly this earthquake.



When you actually go to the disaster area, mostly you can say nothing. It's important to discuss about this earthquake with buddy who watch that area together in order to understand and recognize what happened, sitting in a circle in front of a bonfire.



After you understand what happened, you look back yourself and start to think what you are based on.

  • - You live on the ground which has some risk, especially Japan has much risk.
  • - You are kept alive on the convenience of civilized society.
  • - You exist based on the sustainability in the future.Please think "what I can do" together.

Through "BaseCamp" overlooking the disaster are.

Regarding the process of this project

When we think about what we can after you recognized what was happened in the disaster area, you find the problem whether it is imprudent or not.

24 thousands people are dead or missing in this earthquake. It can happen to us away form the disaster area that so many human lives are lost and so many estates including almost 50 thousands houses and a lot of cars are wiped out.

We are still in state of tension, especially for Japanese, because we get many on-site informations and many CMs asking us about ethics from TV programs and newspapers. We try to sort it out by donation and voluntary. Otherwise many banquets, commencement and enrollment ceremonies and festivals were canceled for imprudence.

However 100 thousands people was died in Great Kanto Earthquake and also 100 thousands people was died Meireki conflagration in early Edo period. That number is huge compared with the population at that time. In spite of We didn't experience directly about that, we should recognize that such a disaster happened several times and our ancestor recovered every time.

When Meireki conflagration happened, bridge was prohibited on Sumida river for strategic reason, so many people was dead. So immediately the disaster area got very busy because Ryogoku bridge and Eitai bridge were built on Sumida river and Ekoin was established to mourn for victims and many play housed and cafe were opened.